Smartspace 1.0, think Smart Car as an apartment

Smartspace 1.0 has quite a few kinks, but living in one of the most expensive cities in the US does too. Will Patrick Kennedy's tiny developments go big?
Written by Sonya James, Contributor

Not everyone get's the appeal of living in an airstream. But if you live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States, cost and space develop a different kind of relationship. Dare I say a closer one?

Housing developer Patrick Kennedy is interested in just how small you can go. Inspired by his family airstream, he built Smartspace 1.0 - the smallest legal sized studio apartment in San Francisco.  He even had a MIT student live in his prototype. While the stay was only three weeks long, Kennedy says the MIT student "had some harsh views about it".

That's what's so interesting about revealing the prototype in all it's glory - complete with all it's flaws. Everyone learns something.

According to Kennedy the following is necessary for livability in tiny spaces:

  • Ability to separate the space both visually and acoustically
  • Air flow even if it's not necessary for temperature control
  • The bathroom is big enough for two people to turn around in
  • Dining space for at least three people
  • Order, lest one go insane

Kennedy plans to stack these 160 square feet prefabricated dwellings on top of each other - at least, the Smartspace 2.0 design. He's also been commissioned to develop San Fransisco's first student housing project in the Mission district in 2014.

In a city where 42% of people live alone, it makes sense to innovatively think about tiny spaces. But will these dwellings really end up in the hands of those who can't afford larger spaces in San Francisco? Or will they end up in the hands of those who can afford a small second home in a sought after city?

Kennedy says:

When Aristotle Onassis was asked "What's your secret to being rich?", he said two things, "Always have a sun tan, and always have an address in the best part of town - even if it's a broom closet." Now I'm providing the broom closets in the south of Market area. Metaphorically speaking.

[via Ariel Schwartz at Co.Exist]

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