SMB e-commerce platform Goodsie adds analytics, email marketing

New features will help small retailers better integrate their marketing and customer order databases.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Now supporting 1,200 active small businesses with an e-commerce bent, New York-based software developer Goodsie has added analytics and the ability to create email marketing campaigns to its e-commerce platform.

Goodsie CEO Jonathan Marcus said the email capabilities were added to help Goodsie storefronts encourage repeat purchases and to make it simpler for small businesses to manage their customer databases.

"Traditionally, the process of integrating email and customer order databases is quite complex, requiring programming knowledge," Marcus said in a statement. "The new Goodsie email system integrates both on the back-end, and makes sending beautiful and targeted email campaigns easy and affordable for everyone."

When I spoke with Marcus about the updates, he said the new analytics features will offer small retailers the ability to go beyond basic traffic analytics such as unique visitors or time spent on site to explore information such as order volume by product, the geography generating high sales volumes, and the sales channel.

Goodsie supports Facebook storefronts, and in excess of 90 percent of the Goodsie customers have activated that capability. Those analytics will, in turn, allow small businesses to run more impactful marketing campaigns, Marcus said.

The company also tweaked its Internet design sensibilities so that site designs are better optimized for mobile devices.

Goodsie's service costs $15 per month for the bare basics; if you want the email and analytics features, the price per month for the premium service is $40. The mobile support is available in both packages. Goodsie offers a 30-day free trial for people who want to try out its services.

Goodsie currently supports about $300,000 in gross monthly merchandise sales that are being transacted by its customers, Marcus said. The company is backed by $4.5 million in venture funding and it is part of HiiDef, an Internet branding and creative services company. Its customer base is growing by about 20 percent month to month.

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