SMBs and startups: Get 24 hour tech support with an app

Long time tech support firm Speak With a Geek (SWAG) has released an app on Android and iOS to make it easy for small businesses to get help 24/7.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
Speak With a Geek (SWAG) has been providing small businesses with tech support for 15 years. SWAG has a stable of IT experts and when a business requests assistance the appropriate provider is assigned to solve the problem. According to SWAG its experts can handle a range of support areas including hardware and software, training, app development, and design.

SWAG is now making it easier to get a tech support expert with the release of an app on Android and iOS. The SWAG Client app lets prospective clients request a geek with the tap of a button, and the service will recommend a list of providers by skills, certifications, and price.

Small businesses are able to obtain support 24/7 with or without the app. Given its long time in this business SWAG has a large group of experts in most areas of IT and tech support.

SWAG is always looking for experts wishing to get income from such support. It carefully vets applicants to make sure they have everything required to represent the firm with clients.

The company maintains a database of skilled individuals for companies looking to hire someone full-time. To facilitate getting full time employment for those it represents, rather than charge companies upfront, a small percentage of the new employee's salary is charged for 12 months.

The SWAG Client app is available from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

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