SMBs get crack at DHS technology contracts

Two-phase process invites small businesses to develop detection and sensor technology for Homeland Security.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor

It's not just mega businesses that get the big Homeland Security bucks. DHS' science and technology directorate has selected 22 small businesses to receive tech contracts. Companies will get up to $100K each for up to six months, reports Government Computer News.

“I am pleased to announced this sixth set of awards to small businesses to develop innovative technology that will help meet the department’s mission to protect the homeland,” said Jay Cohen, undersecretary for the Science and Technology directorate, in a prepared statement.

In the first phase, companies will define the scientific, technical and commercial merit of a particular concept. Those who pass Phase I can apply to compete for a Phase II award, worth up to $750,000. The second phase will advance the project to the prototype stage.

Companies with less than 500 employees qualify for this competition.

The five research areas include:

  • Systems for designing and evaluating chemical or biological agent sensor networks;
  • Mobile peripheral devices for biological analysis;
  • Advanced unattended ground sensors;
  • 3-D visualization systems to show first responders assets within building structures in urban areas; and
  • Automated scenario and script builders for simulation-based training systems.
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