SNL Verizon 4G LTE skit gets it right in so many ways

SNL writers create some clever spoof commercials and the latest one about Verizon and it's 4G LTE network is an instant classic. I am sure many readers can relate to this skit.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

My MoTR podcast co-host Kevin Tofel and I were talking about the confusing branding of Android devices while recording MoTR #260 this weekend and then I saw all over Twitter that there was a great new SNL skit. The Verizon LTE skit is shown in a video posted over on The Verge. HTC's statement about focusing on quality instead of quantity may help with the issue of too many Android devices for anyone to make an informed choice, but I would love to hear what readers think.

I like that there are plenty of options to choose from in the Android world, but the continual updates with very minor improvements is ridiculous. We now have the Droid 4, rumors of an Incredible 3, the Droid RAZR Maxx released just a couple months after the RAZR, and HTC Sensation, Sensation 4G, Sensation XE, and Sensation XL. How in the world is anyone supposed to figure this out? Consumers in the U.S. typically only upgrade every two years when they get the full subsidized price again so upgrading devices every 3-6 months doesn't seem like the smartest business move. Apple is quite successful with the yearly single model strategy and I wonder if anyone will follow suit in the Android space.

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