SNP, SAP & eBworX implement mySAP.com retail solution

SNP Corporation powers click-and-mortar business strategy with mySAP.com and eBworX.
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SNP Corporation powers click-and-mortar business strategy with mySAP.com and eBworX.

SINGAPORE, 21 June 2000 - SNP Corporation Ltd announced today that it has partnered SAP and eBworX to implement mySAP.com Retail solution.

mySAP.com Retail, SAP's industry solution, provides the e-business platform and a suite of Retail applications to support SNP's recently announced click-and-mortar business model.

This integrated e-business platform will enable SNP to manage their publishing and printing operations as well as their retail outlets. Implementation for the project will be done by e-business integrator, eBworx, a subsidiary of CSE Systems & Engineering Ltd.

mySAP.com Retail will help SNP improve its value chain by streamlining logistics to sharpen execution excellence in the distribution channels for its businesses.

eBworX will provide end-to-end business integration with SAP application systems that support SNP's internal operations, customer relationship management and processing of business transactions.

Using SAP's AcceleratedSAP methodology for rapid implementation, eBworx hopes to enable SNP to get a faster return on their investment.

The first phase saw the completion of the mySAP.com modules from financial to sales and distribution, materials management and industry-specific retail modules with integration to the Web front of SNP's cyber bookstore, myepb.com. This was implemented in a timeframe of three months.

SNP's president and CEO, Yeo Chee Tong, said, "Driving growth in the new economy requires media players and retailers to leverage technology to serve their customers through multiple channels at the highest service level. Our investment in mySAP.com Retail is a strategic initiative for us as this solution fits hand in glove with our click-and-mortar strategy."

SNP's adoption of a click-and-mortar strategy for the expansion of its core publishing business saw the birth of its online bookstore, myepb.com, as a first initiative under this strategy.

SNP has since opened a physical retail outlet and it plans to open more myepb bookstores in Singapore over the next two years. It also plans to expand its bookstore chain into Malaysia in the near future.

"Companies need to look beyond the dotcom hype and develop a proven, robust business model that uses both online as well as traditional brick-and-mortar strategies," Terence Chan, SAP's executive vice president and managing director for Singapore said.

mySAP.com Retail has over 300 business processes developed specifically for the retail industry, enabling merchandise tracking along the entire retail supply chain. Specific processes include merchandise sourcing and planning, promotions management, purchasing and replenishing, sales, as well as a Retail Information System (RIS).

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