So why does iPod Touch have a clock and new Zunes do not?

That's an iPod Touch. See the cursor pointing to the clock?
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

That's an iPod Touch. See the cursor pointing to the clock?

On the right, that's a new Zune80 (GB). See the clock? No you don't.

Last night I was watching Microsoft Channel 10 blogger Laura Foy interview Cesar Menendez of Microsoft's Zune.

After the requisite demo and the near-total overuse of the word "cool," Laura then turned to  a more formal Q-A.

One of her questions gave me a "Hmm, didn't realize that" moment.

Laura asked Menendez if the new Zunes are going to have a clock.

Menendez said no.  As to why not, he said that well, most everyone has a cellphone with them, and cellphones have clocks, you know.

He also said that not having a clock on the Zune makes it easier to include other features. I guess he meant exclusion of a clock preserves GUI space and power for coolness.

If I had a Zune, I'd want a clock. I can only operate one device at a time, so if I take Zune around with me, I wouldn't want to look down on my belt and open up my BlackBerry to get the time.

Of course I could just buy a watch, but I don't like watches. My BlackBerry Curve is my time-keeper.

Which brings us back around to the point of this post. If I had a Zune, I'd want it to have a clock. Of course I'd want it to have a phone, too, but perhaps that's too much to ask for now.

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