Soccer player Ronaldinho launches e-sports strategy

The plan to develop soccer in digital environments includes the creation of the player's own cryptocurrency.

Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho has announced an e-sports plan with features including this week's launch of his own cryptocurrency.

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The Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC), developed in partnership with Malta-based startup World Soccer Coin, entered the initial coin offering (ICO) phase this week. A total of 350 million RSCs will be available for sale.

The strategy that encompasses the cryptocurrency launch aims to establish a football academy, host amateur and global league matches, as well as develop soccer in digital environments.

The digital side of the project will include the development of a betting platform and marketplace, stadia equipped with virtual reality features - real-world grounds with the technology to record and analyze player performance - and a blockchain database with which to create new teams. All services will be underpinned by technology supplied by Chinese firm NEO.

The virtual stadia will be developed in 300 locations worldwide over the next three years, with the first two set to launch by the end of this month in Asia.

Stadiums in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand are expected to be operational in 2019 and an e-sports tournament will take place in Bangkok in July 2019.

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