Social Web news: Twitter terrorism, YouTube ads, Social Networking on TV

A few interesting links from today on news relating to the Social Web…
Written by Steve O'Hear, Contributor

A few interesting links from today on news relating to the Social Web…

Twitter could be a tool for terrorists. From Wired.com: "Could Twitter become terrorists' newest killer app? A draft Army intelligence report, making its way through spy circles, thinks the miniature messaging software could be used as an effective tool for coordinating militant attacks." (Wired)

YouTube hoping to attract advertisers through long form studio content. YouTube has begun running full-length episodes of TV shows, starting with a test of three CBS-owned shows: Star Trek, MacGyver and Beverly Hills, 90210. The move is being seen in part as a response to the success of Hulu, which as proved particularly attractive to advertisers. One analyst tells USA Today: "If you're an advertiser, where will you put your money? In front of content you're not sure about, or behind a series like 30 Rock, a known brand?" (USA Today)

Social networking through your television. Microsoft likes to boast that it has the biggest social network on television via its XBox Live service. Now others are hoping to emulate that success by bringing the 'community features' of the Web into the living room.  (WSJ)

MySpace sued. A woman was 'consumed with anger' after MySpace took down her profile on the social networking site and has decided to sue. However, there's more to the story: her profile page was set up specifically to verify official celebrity MySpace pages, who upon verification could display the plaintiff's badge on their page. (Tech Dirt)

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