Software allows teachers to give interactive quizzes

With remote controls, all students can answer questions and the teacher gets instant feedback on who gets it and who doesn't.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

There's nothing more dreadful for a kid then coming into a classroom and having the teacher say, "Time to take a pop-quiz!" But some third graders at North Salisbury Elementary in Maryland are having a different reaction to the pop quizzes they are taking on the new computer software, reports WMDTV 48.

The Turning Point software allows teachers to have interactive lessons and tests via computer. After the lessons, students read the question and use a remote control responder to answer the question. Within seconds, a computer tabulates their answers and grades.

"It's an absolute great tool to find out who's doing what, and who's not doing what," said Education Technology Director Carl Dragwa.

The added advantage is that teachers can then evaluate the data and tailor lessons accordingly.

"I like using technology a lot," said Trenton Lessette. "I think it's a very good system for learning, especially in younger grades."

"It's not really fair when everyone's raising their hand, but only one person gets called. This was everyone gets to pick it," said Aaron Nelson.

The students get pretty excited about the new software as well, because it makes testing seems more like a video game.

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