Software platform corrals multiple sustainability inputs

ENXSUITE has added a collaboration platform to its energy and carbon management software service. Can your application support centralized input and insight?
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Chances are your sustainability team is working with at least one outside expert who is helping shaping your sustainability strategy. And that you are juggling input from many different divisions and geographic locations. At the very least, you have someone auditing your progress and the reports that you are making to the board, shareholders and the general public.

But, some of the software applications for helping manage these strategies seem very internally focused offering a way for a specific team or person to keep tabs on the progress of their specific initiative. That is why I was intrigued to hear about a new platform called PowerNet that one of the developers selling those sorts of applications, ENXSUITE, is using as a sort of collaboration extension for this software.

The idea behind PowerNet is to help companies with lots of sustainability project stakeholders or contributors across multiple locations centralize their input, lest ideas or contributions get missed. Have an idea that echoes something from another region or country? Why not find out what happened there before wasting your time. Want to know where to prioritize? Consult a repository of project progress. Notes Beatriz Infante, ENXSUITE CEO:

"PowerNet gives all stakeholders in energy and sustainability programs a convenient way to use ENXSUITE's platform to manage hundreds of thousands of energy and sustainability projects that require quantitative and behavioral change metrics and dashboards to show progress against goals."

Clearly, the focus of this specific offering is on massive sustainability programs across large enterprise organizations. Plus, this is obviously an adjunct to ENXSUITE's own energy and carbon management application, which it offers as a service. I don't know whether it would work with another one of the carbon and energy management software applications.

Nonetheless, the question you should be asking yourself is this: Does my sustainability team have ongoing access to the data and insight they need to do their job adequately.

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