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PeopleSoft, KPMG Consulting & The Vista Technology Group to provide first end-to-end eCommerce solution for consumer products manufacturers. Helping in trade promotion management, SCM and CRM.
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SINGAPORE - PeopleSoft, Inc., (Nasdaq: PSFT), KPMG LLC and The Vista Technology Group today announced the availability of R2i (Rapid Return on Investment) for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers. This is the first end-to-end eCommerce solution for medium-sized CPG manufacturers.

R2i for CPG combines the world-class functionality of PeopleSoft's pure internet eCommerce platform for the consumer products industry with VistaCPG, Vista's Promotion Management Software, and KPMG Consulting's accelerated R2i implementation services.

Implementation of this solution will allow CPG manufacturers to realise potentially significant returns in the areas of effective trade promotion management, trade fund management control, reduced deductions, improved inventory management, and improved customer service.

R2i for CPG effectively addresses the challenges of CPG manufacturing, where complex and dynamic business environments require smooth integration of enterprise-wide information systems from headquarters' sales and marketing to the shop floor.

"From customer to supplier, our unique R2i for CPG solution gives consumer products manufacturers a fast and effective means to achieve real returns today, as well as an eCommerce-ready platform for achieving strategic goals, both today and into the future," said Tom Cochrane, Vice President of Consumer Products and Distribution at PeopleSoft.

"Combining PeopleSoft's comprehensive enterprise applications, KPMG Consulting's business process and implementation capabilities, and Vista's proven promotion management software has resulted in the launch of this new solution tailored specifically to CPG manufacturers. This offering, resulting from innovative teaming with our strategic partners, is a PeopleSoft specialty, yielding best-of-breed results with maximum efficiency".

The R2i solution deployed by KPMG Consulting includes pre-configured applications, industry specific customisations, package-enabled best practices, project management, change management and a pre-configured technology infrastructure, giving companies the opportunity to benefit from their technology investment.

"Our R2i for CPG implementation methodology is fast and effective. After a successful deployment at a CPG site, the manufacturer can quickly and easily repeat the solution to accommodate changing business structures, add implementations at other locations and rapidly integrate acquisitions," said Tim Shearer, KPMG Consulting's Managing Director in charge of consumer products. "Our implementation speed is reflected in customer return on systems investment."

The R2i for CPG solution provides the systems support for CPG manufacturers' strategic goals of:
· greater business agility
· a flexible business model
· connectivity to the extended supply chain
· information leveraging

"This effective, strategic and efficient enterprise integration solution offers a beneficial promotions management aspect that will greatly increase a CPG manufacturer's ability to improve trade marketing as well as inventory management and customer satisfaction," said Guy Weismantel, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Vista. "Part of this product's value is realised in its implementation speed, which ensures rapid investment return."

The R2i for CPG foundation consists of PeopleSoft's General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Order Management, Billing, Inventory, Purchasing, Bills and Routings, Cost Management, Production Management, and EDI.

About PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft is a provider of eBusiness applications that enable people - customers, employees, and suppliers - to power the internet. PeopleSoft's pure internet CRM, SCM and Enterprise Management solutions provide a flexible eCommerce platform.

About KPMG Consulting, LLC

KPMG Consulting, LLC, is a provider of Internet integration services.

About The Vista Technology Group, Ltd.

The Vista Technology Group, Ltd. is a provider of CRM technology solutions for the consumer package goods (CPG) industry. Vista's systems address the sales, marketing, and financial functions through a closed-loop process and focus on the areas of trade promotions, forecasting, funds management, and deduction management.

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