Sony Brazil stages women-focused hackathon

The technology-focused event in Rio de Janeiro aims to reduce gender inequality in the music business
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Sony Music will hold its first technology marathon in Brazil with a view of attracting more women to its industry sector.

Dubbed Code/Stage, the three-day event will take place in Rio de Janeiro from March 22 with the purpose of exploring how technology can increase female representation in music, from the creation stage all the way to consumption.

On the first day, there will be a warm up with lectures and debates about the female presence in the music market and consumer insights. The hackathon will then take place in the following two days, starting with the presentation of the challenge, definition and execution of the idea that will tackle the issue, followed by a final day where each group will present their work to the jury.

Participation criteria is flexible, as professionals from areas ranging from design and business management to marketing and music, can apply. The company also welcomes applications from those involved with to gender equity projects or has an interest in the issue.

Teams should preferably be formed by four profile types: two programmers/developers; one designer or UX specialist; one "communicator", marketeer or music professional. The only fixed requirement is to have at least one developer for each team, but Sony will supply its own expertise if needed.

Brazilian firm Shawee, a hackathon automation specialist, will handle all the aspects of the Sony event, from ideation and organization all the way to delivery and evaluation.

Winning projects will receive money prizes in addition to two months 'worth of coworking services for the team members, as well as digital product development courses, discount for coding bootcamps, mentoring and three months' worth of beer.

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