Sony brings Reader software and bookstore to iOS platform

You can find ebook apps and access bookstores from a number of vendors on iOS and the latest addition comes from Sony. They started the modern eInk experience and you can now get access to that old content on your iPad or iPhone.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Sony brings Reader software and bookstore to iOS platform

My first eInk reader was the Sony PR-505 and I still have it since I think the form factor and design is fantastic. I haven't used Sony Reader devices for a couple years, but still have about 80 book titles on that platform. Sony let us take all of those books and export them to protected EPUB, but it is still easier just to go to their store to get them. I have to say I was surprised to read an email from Sony this morning that they are bringing the Sony Reader experience to iOS (iTunes link).

All the ebook stores charge about the same for their book titles, unlike the sales they offered in the past that led to me having so many books in the Sony Reader store. The ability to now seamlessly get access to my Reader purchases on my iPhone 5 and iPad is fantastic and I greatly appreciate Sony's work here. I don't know if there is enough distinction for people to purchase ebooks from Sony instead of Apple, Google, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or others, but I think this is a nice gesture by Sony.

The Reader application not only gives you access to your Reader library though, it also offers another ebook reading experience on iOS devices. According to Sony, you will find the following features:

  • A natural, book-like reading experience
  • Intuitive navigation making use of the app as easy as the turn of a page
  • Access to your Reader library to read new purchases and old favorites
  • Personalized collections and library organization
  • Adjustable font size and contrast to customize your reading preferences
  • Create and edit bookmarks as you read
  • A choice between Day and Night reading modes

Customers who download the app will also receive an exclusive short story from the New York Times-bestselling and celebrated urban fantasy author, Kim Harrison. The story is titled “Trouble on Reserve” and is part of the Hollow series.

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