Sorry BlackBerry fans, I just can't stick around any longer

I tried to give RIM a real chance with a new BlackBerry Bold 9930, but after a month I have to give up on it and the PlayBook and move on to active platforms.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Just over a month ago I posted about my new BlackBerry adoption and am now ready to give up on RIM and sell off my BlackBerry Bold 9900 and PlayBook. I have several reasons for giving up on the Bold 9900 and PlayBook with the Windows Phone Mango and Amazon Kindle Fire news just making my decisions so much clearer.

BB Smartphone

I knew that I was giving up some things going from the Droid Charge to the Bold 9930, but the extremely poor Gmail functionality (does RIM really think I should spend time managing email in two places?), lack of native Exchange (I knew this going in, but can't deal with it in every day life.), battery life about the same as most other current smartphone, minimal real life usage of BBM, and much more exciting happenings on other platforms make my decision to drop my Bold 9930 pretty easy. Application support isn't a concern as most all apps I have on other platforms are available on BlackBerry smartphones even though the overall number of apps in App World is much less.

The Bold 9930 is a very nice piece of hardware, but the battery life is not stellar like previous BlackBerry smartphones, the camera is just decent and not great, there is still no NFC support for the Verizon model, and it hangs way too often for my tastes (especially when compared to my Mango devices that fly around the interface). Application updates take a long time and almost always require a 5 minute reboot.

BB PlayBook

The BlackBerry PlayBook is a good tablet, but it is very expensive for what you get and the slow rollout of the major update is killing me. With the new Amazon Kindle Fire in the same form factor with a MUCH better ecosystem I don't see the appeal of a PlayBook unless you are a die hard BlackBerry user. RIM should be releasing the PlayBook 2.0 update soon, but it really should have been before the Amazon Kindle Fire announcement as $199 for a fully functional Android tablet is tough to beat.

I am now looking to sell my Bold 9930 and PlayBook and move on. If Verizon had a new Windows Phone Mango device I would buy it today and I am now considering the iPhone 5 on Verizon too. Mango is my preference, but since I have two Mango devices on T-Mobile I am more open to something else on Verizon.

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