Spam to reach all-time high

Fueled by the Storm Worm epidemic, spam looks set to reach the record high of 90 percent of all mail as seen last year, says Secure Computing.
Written by Victoria Ho, Contributor

Spam levels are heading toward an all-time high of 90 percent of all e-mail, according to a Secure Computing report.

In a statement released Thursday, the security vendor said that spam volume has risen by over 30 percent this week, and looks set to reach record levels last seen in December 2006.

The security vendor attributed the spike to the resurgent Storm Worm which returned with a twist earlier this month.

Secure Computing said that the Storm Worm currently has about 20,000 hosts residing in over 100 countries.

The United States, however, is the No. 1 host country for the Trojan horse, as slightly over 60 percent of compromised servers are located there. Korea and India are the only two Asian countries that rank among the top 10 countries hosting the Storm Worm.

Benjamin Low, Secure Computing's managing director for Southeast Asia and India, said in a statement: "The primary reason the Storm Worm gang is in business is spam.

"Unfortunately, until people stop clicking on the links they receive in unsolicited e-mail [messages], the Storm Worm will continue to grow," Low added.

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