SPC, Serif names safe after buyouts

SPC will keep its brand name despite the pending completion of its acquisition by Allegro New Media.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

On a visit to the UK today, CEO Barry Cinnamon said that SPC would become the name of the new company. Another recent purchase, UK DTP and graphics developer Serif, will also keep its name on future versions of PagePlus and DrawPlus while the Allegro name will be phased out. In the UK, the combined company's headquarters will be in Nottingham.

Cinnamon said the new company will focus on visual communications products based on SPC's Intelligent Formatting engine that allows users to quickly create attractive visual presentations of data with very small file sizes. The technology will be incorporated into forthcoming versions of Serif products.

Cinnamon said that the company also plans to sell its slimline products over the Web: "We're making an evolution towards Internet direct marketing," he said.

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