Spice up your power management

Spiceworks teams up with Intel to release free power management software module for small and midsize businesses.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Intel and Spiceworks have teamed up to develop a plug-in that is intended to help IT managers connect some of their routine network and systems management tasks to better power regulation and management capabilities.

Spiceworks claims something close to 800,000 users worldwide; if just half of those users deployed the new plug-in, the company believes they could collectively save more than $500 million in annual electricity costs. There are more than 28 million desktops, notebooks and servers currently under management by the Spiceworks IT Desktop, according to the company.

Among the features enabled by the plug-in:

  • Remote power consumption management (you can use wake on LAN or Intel vPro to power up or down devices)
  • Power management dashboard that provides a visual map of what's on and what's off
  • Estimated dollar savings view, based on the actions that managers take

The plug-in can be found at this link.

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