Spiceworld 2014 heating up with Spiceworks product enhancements

In a world where users rule, Spiceworks carries the torch and leads the way. Keynote speaker and Spiceworks CEO Scott Abel makes significant announcements about product enhancements that you don't want to miss.
Written by Ken Hess, Contributor

AUSTIN, Texas — Spiceworks announced the new Spiceworks App Center that allows developers to add their own apps, set their own prices, and enjoy a no-fee entry into the world of making money from apps. Developers take 70 percent of the revenue to Spiceworks' 30 percent. The Spiceworks App Store also allows developers to extend Spiceworks functionality and provide new services to users.

"The new App Center take the Spiceworks experience one step further by streamlining how 6 million IT professionals research, buy, and use IT apps and cloud services" — Scott Abel, CEO.

Scott Abel also announced free network monitoring and cloud-based Help Desk features added to the Spiceworks product.

The Network Monitor is a free, real-time network monitoring solution that can be installed and set up in as little as ten minutes. The Windows-based application provides a graphical view of network utilization and server activity including disk usage, CPU usage, active processes, services, memory, and other environmental data. It also provides for real-time alerting for a variety of network and server conditions.

Spiceworks users and community members now represent more than six million users worldwide and represent $600 billion in annual IT spend.

Spiceworks has made several performance upgrades to its products, including a 20 percent faster scan and at least a 2X faster startup.

Spiceworks Trivia:

  • IT professionals use Spiceworks to manage more than 200 million network devices, over 20,000 petabytes of data, and 12 billion software installations.
  • Spiceworks users have submitted 250,000 ratings and reviews on over 40,000 individual IT products or services.
  • IT professionals and technology brands have contributed to more than 450,000 conversations in Spiceworks on topics ranging from which technologies to buy to career advice and technical support.

Spiceworld is a major IT conference and attracts thousands of IT professionals from around the world. Austin, Texas is a leading IT hub, is the live music capitol of the world, and is the location for the SXSW annual conference.

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