Spotify takes on Pandora, Slacker, others with updated Radio feature

Spotify launched in the U.S. and is working hard to be the premium streaming music service. The upcoming Spotify Radio feature addresses the last major issue I had and brings a Pandora-like experience.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I started out using streaming music clients with Pandora a few years ago, but as I detailed last month I switched to Spotify thanks to the multi-platform support. The one function lacking in Spotify was easy discovery through "radio stations", but according to the Spotify blog that is going to change soon.

Pandora and then Slacker Radio were my favorite streaming clients because they let you simply enter in an artist and then have music similar to that artist or genre play without any further interaction on your part. These services also used your preferences and intelligence to customize the songs that were playing and I personally love this type of service. The new Spotify Radio will let you drag an artist or track to Radio in the left sidebar and then Spotify will make a radio station of similar music. You can even skip a track as many times as you like.

This new Spotify Radio functionality will be launching first on the desktop client, but I hope the mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone follow quickly. Does this now push Spotify towards the top spot for you?

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