Spotify will not be alone on Facebook's music service

More sources are claiming that Facebook's rumored music service could include more music companies than just Spotify.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Last week, details leaked out on how Spotify plans to leverage Facebook for its US launch. Despite this news, we're once again hearing that Spotify will not have an exclusive lock on Facebook's music offering, according to multiple sources cited by Business Insider.

Despite this information, there is a bit confusion about how services like Spotify and Rdio will partner with Facebook. Both are planning to integrate Facebook Connect into their offerings – that's already been confirmed. What we're trying to figure out is whether these two music streaming companies, as well as their competitors, will be part of Facebook's rumored music service, which many are speculating will be announced soon.

Also last week, we learned about a new Facebook service related to music, possibly referred to internally as "vibes." Mention of the new service was found in the code of the installer for Facebook's newly released Video Calling service.

Last month, a rumor suggested that Facebook was working with multiple companies to offer music services and applications. The suggested name was simply Facebook Music. In the left-hand column, where Facebook lists Photos, Friends, Places, Groups, Deals, Pages, and Games, a new tab called Music will be added. It will show up if a user has listened to music with one of Facebook's partner music services. There will even reportedly be Music Notifications, Recommended Songs, Top Songs from friends, Top Albums from friends with cover art, Recent listens from your friends, and a persistent Play/Pause button added to the bottom of Facebook where you currently have the chat icon.

Two months ago, a rumor suggested that Facebook was planning on partnering with Spotify, and no other company was mentioned at the time. The service was referred to as either Facebook Music or Spotify on Facebook.

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