SpotterRF introduces radar backpack for elite warfighters

Available as of Monday, the Spotter Radar Backpack Kit is the first of its kind in the world.
Written by Jenny Wilson, Contributing Editor

Available as of Monday, SpotterRF's Radar Backpack Kit is the first of its kind in the world. It represents a breakthrough in the field of surveillance radar technology.

Developed for elite individual war fighters on the ground, the Spotter Radar Backpack Kit was designed to be light and easy to assemble while still ensuring maximum security. While in the past this sort of radar system was only available for large-scale protection programs, SpotterRF's new product makes it accessible for individual soldiers on the ground.

The backpack kit requires only 3 minutes of total setup time, weighs less than 20 pounds and consists of two M600C radars, a Network Hub, tablet, 2590 battery, tripod, cables and a three-day backpack. The kit provides "wide area intrusion detection" of more than 150 acres and 90 degrees per radar unit no matter what the weather and visibility is like.  The Network Hub, compatible with smartphones and tablets, detects and manages radars and contains a digital compass to allow for fast setup.

Innovations like this one reflect how technology can be used to make the ground safer for elite fighters. Protecting soldiers is becoming a priority for army leaders who are "asking industry to shift their focus from platform to person and consider the infantryman first as it plans investments in new technology.”

[via BusinessWire]

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