Spreecast videos can now be embedded free on any site

Spreecast's video platform can now be embedded for free on any website, and it includes many interactive features including a two-way video screen and support for Facebook and Twitter integration.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Spreecast, a social video platform that lets people broadcast live and online together, just announced that its service can now be embedded for free on any website or blog.

The Spreecast Embed feature allows videos to be posted in multiple sizes, much like most other video sharing sites out there. But this one also includes an interactive, two-way video screen, a built-in chat room, customizable Twitter stream, and support for Facebook comments.

Producers have features that enables them to moderate the chat (or "spreecast") and control everything on screen, while viewers can chat and submit questions as well as request to join the broadcast (on camera) live. Participants only need a webcam and a browser to participate, but only four people can get face time on screen at one time.

The San Francisco-based startup launched to the public in beta mode last November. So far, Spreecast has apps for desktop browsers and mobile devices with integrated elements from video communications (i.e. Skype, Webex) and broadcast media (i.e. Hulu, YouTube).

Image via Spreecast


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