Sprint announces Google Nexus One coming soon, all 4 carriers to soon have device

The Google Nexus One may soon be the hottest Android device on every major US wireless carrier now that Sprint and AT&T announced the device. They join confirmed carriers T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless and I have a feeling the device sales will increase quickly.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I really did not expect this week to be Google Nexus One week, but it sure is turning out that way with the recent news that an AT&T and Roger Wireless compatible model is now available for ordering along with today's news that a Sprint capable one is coming soon too. The funny thing is that these are both unexpected carrier announcements since we only knew for sure that Verizon Wireless and Vodafone were getting devices after T-Mobile. With this Sprint announcement, we will now see the Google Nexus One available on all four major US wireless carriers, which should greatly improve the sales of the device that I still debate have been pretty good given the conditions placed on the method and carrier the device launched with in January.

There is currently no pricing or plan information yet, but Sprint stated that their Sprint Everything Data 450 plan with Any Mobile, Anytime gives customers unlimited calling with any mobile phone in America, unlimited text and unlimited Web for just $69.99 per month so that should be a killer deal for new customers. Shoot, with this plan price they even have me thinking about the device since I find it to be an awesome device for me on T-Mobile.

There were also no statements made about including any Sprint services on the Nexus One so it appears that the Google Nexus One may be as pristine as it gets for a mobile phone. I was wondering about AT&T killing the Nexus One experience too, but it sounds like they won't be able to get their crapware on the device either and customers should get one of the best Google Android experience available if they buy the Nexus One from Google and use it on the carrier of their choice. THIS may be the major benefit of buying devices directly from Google rather than through a carrier.

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