Square COO speaks out about harassment suit, resignation

Following the news of his sudden resignation, Square's COO has penned a memo with a few more details.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

After news broke earlier about his sudden resignation, Square chief operating officer Keith Rabois has published a brief memo with his side of the story.

To recap, Rabois confirmed his resignation from the mobile payments company on Thursday. It was later reported on Friday that his departure actually comes amid a looming lawsuit involving allegations of sexual harassment.

Rabois published another letter to his Tumblr page on Friday afternoon.

Here's an excerpt from the memo in which Rabois outlined his defense:

I realize that continuing any physical relationship after he began working at Square was poor judgment on my part. But let me be unequivocal with the facts: (1) The relationship was welcome. (2) Square did not know of the relationship before a lawsuit was threatened; it came as a complete surprise to the company. (3) He never received nor was denied any reward or benefits based on our relationship. And (4), I did not do the horrendous things I am told I may be accused of. While I have certainly made mistakes, this threat feels like a shakedown, and I will defend myself to the full extent of the law.

Square hasn't announced a permanent replacement for Rabois yet. In the interim, Square chief financial officer Sarah Friar will be taking over COO duties.

As for Rabois, he ended the note saying that he is "already working on something new and hope to announce that in February."

Image via @rabois

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