Stable Diffusion 3 rolls out in early preview - here's how to access it

Stability AI's new text-to-image model boasts better performance, higher image quality - and it can spell!
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor

Image generated by Stable DIffusion 3 with prompt, "studio photograph closeup of a chameleon over a black background."

Stability AI

Stability AI's 2022 release of Stable Diffusion significantly impacted the image-generating landscape, becoming the basis for many video and image generators. Now, the company is releasing a next-generation model that pushes the boundaries even further.

On Thursday, Stability AI unveiled Stable Diffusion 3, the company's most capable text-to-image model to date, that boasts many upgrades from its predecessor including better performance in multi-subject prompts, image quality, and spelling abilities, according to the company. 

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The demo photos of Stable Diffusion 3 showcase just how capable the image generator is, generating vibrant images with lots of detail, and even tackling the challenging task of generating words that are spelled correctly. 

Stability AI didn't release many details about the architecture underlying the model, saying it will publish a detailed technical report soon. However, the company did disclose that Stable Diffusion 3 combines a diffusion transform architecture and flow matching, which differs from its predecessor's architecture. 

The company also shared that the family of Stable Diffusion 3 models ranges from 800 million to eight billion parameters to suit different user needs. 

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"This approach aims to align with our core values and democratize access, providing users with a variety of options for scalability and quality to best meet their creative needs," said the company. 

Stable Diffusion 3 remains in early preview as the company collects insights to improve performance and safety; therefore, it is not yet broadly available to the public. If you are interested in joining the early preview, there is a waitlist you can join. Once granted access you will receive an email with an invite to its Discord server. 

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