Staples offering $75 discount on Microsoft Surface RT tablets

The office superstore is offering a deal on any Windows system, including Microsoft's new consumer slates.
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor

While Microsoft is touting that its new Surface Pro tablet has already sold out its initial shipment, the Surface RT is another story. We don't know exactly how many of the consumer-based tablets have been sold, and whether those sales have met Microsoft's expectations or not.

If you want to read the tea leaves a little, office retailer Staples is offering a $75 coupon for any Windows system, whether desktop, laptop, or tablet. Considering the company is sold out of the Surface Pro, that means the discount can be applied to the Surface RT.

Though the deal covers a range of products -- including the Asus Vivo Tab that also runs Windows RT -- it is notable that Microsoft is allowing its new slates to be included. We haven't seen the Surface RT discounted to date from its $499 base price, but now you can grab one for $424 for a 32GB model, or $524 for a 64GB version. You can get the deal by applying coupon code 99279 when you check out online; free shipping is included.

Priced the same as the latest iPad, but moving just a fraction of the units Apple shifts, the Surface RT may see other discounts in the coming months. If that's the case, Microsoft can at least console itself with the positive buzz over the Surface Pro.

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[Via HotHardware via Slickdeals]

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