Starbucks and L'Oreal sign up to O2 mobile marketing

The high-street names are taking part in a six-month mobile-marketing trial, which will see targeted text messages sent to 02 More customers
Written by Shelley Portet, Contributor

Starbucks and L'Oreal have announced they are taking part in a six-month trial of mobile location-based marketing using a service from O2.

The service will send SMS and MMS location-based marketing messages to the more than one million O2 customers who are signed up to O2 More.

O2 More is an opt-in service where O2 customers can record their personal information — including age, gender and interests, such as football, travel and cinema — and receive offers from companies based on the details they have provided. O2 More customers will now also receive offers based on their location. O2's location-based marketing works by using geo-fencing technology — provided by US company Placecast — whereby certain geographical areas are 'owned' by particular brands.

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