Startup seeks to make biodiesel from commercial kitchen grease

Restaurants and food service operations will have the option of recycling waste grease into biodiesel under a deal between BlackGold Biofuels and SLM Facility Solutions.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

A new relationship between cleantech start-up BlackGold Biofuels and SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide gives truth to that old adage: one man's trash is another man's treasure.

The partnership, which is aimed at serving commercial kitchens, will encourage hospitality companies to use SLM to recover and recycle the liquid waste from their kitchen drain and grease traps.

The recovered grease will be sent to Philadelphia-based BlackGold treatment facilities, where the residual oils, greases and fats will be extracted and recycled into a form  of biodiesel. That biodiesel could, in turn, be used pretty much anywhere that petroleum diesel is use, including vehicles, home heating systems, or construction equipment. The typical grease waste disposal methods send the substance to landfills or destine it for agriculture uses.

Susan Daywitt, SLM Founder and CEO explains the rationale behind the partnership:

"Our clients have long sought ways to further increase sustainability, and SLM has a successful track record of helping them achieve this in a cost-effective manner. We selected BlackGold as our recycling partner because of their focus on sustainability paired with the technology, financing and reach to offer this on a national scale to our clients."

SLM works with more than 15,000 clients in the hospitality industry, and the company said that the recycling service will be available to those of them that are located in close proximity to the BlackGold facilities.

The service will require "new additional cost or operational complexity" on the part of the restaurants. That's important because if sustainable business practices require huge changes in behavior, they are less likely to be adopted.

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