Stealth startup hits the ground with iPad content streaming app

A startup by three former Cisco veterans has been in stealth mode for over a year developing an iPad app that aims at making streaming content to an iPad a simple operation.

Three former Cisco veterans have been in stealth mode for over a year developing the iPad app designed to stream media from any Mac or PC to the iPad. The app has an intelligent algorithm that can convert most media formats on the fly for streaming optimally on the iPad.

According to CEO Michael Chen, the app will stream audio and video content over any network connection. The technology optimizes the streaming session based on the connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) to provide the best streaming possible. The streaming occurs device to device directly and is not cloud-based. brings simplicity to the complicated media streaming process, the user selects the content and the app handles everything automatically. The app automatically converts the content to a format appropriate for playing on the iPad.

"We developed to help the consumer find an easy and secure way to share content on iOS devices". -- CEO Michael Chen

The app on the iPad will also allow for copying content for local storage on the iPad. The company envisions users of the app filling up the iPad with content for trips. Most common video and audio formats are handled by the app, as well as Office file formats and PDFs for copying.

Users establish an account with and can access content on any registered computer from any iPad. Only content free of DRM can be streamed/copied by the app. The content can be shared with friends and family with complete control by the owner.

The app is available now for the iPad and is initially free for use. The app will cost a modest $2.99 after the initial launch, and the service is free. The company plans an Android version of to be available soon, providing cross-platform usage.

Based in Mountain View, CA, has raised $1.28 million in seed funding from Enspire Capital (Singapore/Taipei) and several other angel investors.