Stepes uses human translation around the clock to translate Tweets

More marketing campaigns are shifting to social media, which means translating messaging into different languages is crucial for maximizing your international reach.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

70 percent of digital content today is generated and consumed on mobile. Yet, very little, if any, of that information is translated on mobile.

Stepes uses human translation around the clock to translate Tweets ZDNet

More than two thirds of people will research a product through a search engine before buying, and 25 percent of search engine results turn up social media posts and personal blogs.

Customers who need to tweet in multiple languages to reach new markets often find that their English tweets stay in English and are not forwarded to the correct geographies.

Now a new translation service technology turns around quality human translations in minutes for short digital text-like Tweets in the languages of your choice.

Social media user generated content can be simultaneously translated into different languages on demand in real time.

San Francisco CA and Beijing China translation company Stepes (pronounced "steps") claims to be the "world's first" chat-based translation app powered by human translators.

It has launched its mobile translation technology which notifies linguists of new translation requests instantly for them to translate on-demand anywhere and anytime from their smartphones.

Stepes can translate over 100 languages and claims to have 50,000 real time translators on its books.

It covers 1700 industries and will translate items across formats such as video, graphics, documents and mobile.

It has launched its Twitter translation API which will translate and repost translated tweets to designated accounts.

Customers sign up for the translation service using their Twitter accounts, linking them to their localised language international Twitter accounts.

The API extracts the tweets to be translated and sends them to its network of human translators for a quick turnaround.

The company can also globalize content on all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, and Weibo.

User reviews, product ratings, blogs, and comments on social media can also be localised.

The cost to translate is from 10 cents per word and customers can set daily spending limits on the service. Regular progress reports are sent to customers.

The company reckons that translating tweets in real time will allow businesses to get ahead of the competition and gain a foothold in international markets.

Carl Yao, Stepes' founder said: "Having a global social media presence is incredibly valuable, but not enough businesses are translating their social media."

"Stepes' Twitter API gives individuals and businesses an affordable, scalable way to globalize their social media."

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