Steve Ballmer live from CTIA- announces Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager

Steve Largent, CEO of CTIA notes...243 million wireless subs in U.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

Steve Largent, CEO of CTIA notes...

243 million wireless subs in U.S.

1 billion texts per day

here comes Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer...

Shows sprint HTC phone, little machines, unbelievable in terms of power, a lot faster network. Sexy little form factor.

User expectations transformed. In the world of phones, just keep getting smarter, more capable more powerful software

The phone and mobile communications are being quite democratized, the first real capital good everyone needs to own.

Last six years quite interesting product at Microsoft; five yearsago Microsoft one model, now over 160 operators, over 40 form factors, avaiable 55 countries, 20 million devices to be sold this year.

The new world of software- becomes a dynamic thing, automatically updates itself, no more perfect environment (for this) than cellular networks of the world.

The world of devices, the phone and settop box, how do we bring people into this form of computing.  The focus #1 on Microsoft's (techagenda) we have to meld models of computing into one, bring business models for the world of phones and cellular devices is different than what people associate with online.

Phone has a unique role, phone is the most popular device, the device most count on everybody in the planet having

How do we evolve the phone so it participates fully. A great oppty for innovation for Microsoft.

Incredible business opportunity for relevant advertising (on mobile).

Payment, what is role for mobile phone card in mobile payment infrastructure.

Consumers will want phones that span all of their life personas, life with family, life with friends...


Back at you...

Ballmer now talking about rich visually differentiated applications on mobiles.

Microsoft has fairly expansive view of mobile space, we are focused on partnerships

Need access to communications and business applications that help me to succeed. IT depts need tools to deploy and integrate these devices.

Yet end users want to be able to control what they do with these devices. Need rich set of tools to let devices fulfill a broad set of work needs.

Direct push of email, office communications server product rich VoIP communications from the phone...

Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager being announced today- management for secure phones on go. A management service enterprise IT can instance, will manage the phone like manage mission critical data on PC. Provisioning, camera off and on, on the phone..

Mobile VPN capabilities, get data, update a customer records. Standards based and standards compliant.

Configuration becomes component in Active Directory. Positions as enabling robust functionality around group policies.


Password policy able to be enabled on device, full file encryption on device...

Create your own policy w/ ADM active management templates.

Mobile VPN, persistent secure connection back from mobile device to resources where and when you need them.

Brian Hoskins pulls out AT&Y Moto Blackjack2 with Mobile Device Manager pre-loaded. Other partners expected...

Ballmer now switches "from work to lifestyle."

Announced great search support, voice powered support, windows live hotmail to these devices.

Media Center, Media Player full richnessto these devices

Working with partners PC games and XBox games to portable.

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