Steve Jobs: A retrospective (roundup)

The world mourns the passing of Apple co-founder and chairman Steve Jobs.
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In the end, he didn't like the off switch

On 60 Minutes, Steve Jobs' biographer Walter Isaacson recalled Jobs and the worry that his knowledge would just switch off.

Apple biographer on 60 Minutes

Walter Isaacson was interviewed on 60 Minutes about his biography on Steve Jobs. Full video (and extras).

When salespeople run tech giants it's over

Jobs: Great tech companies don’t let great salesmen become CEOs. Why? They don’t know squat about product.

Steve Jobs: Android a 'stolen product'

Steve Jobs said he would go “thermonuclear” on Android, an operating system he saw as a “stolen product.”

Jobs 'annoyed and depressed' following iPad announcement

Steve Jobs received hundreds of emails, ‘most of them were complaining.’

Steve Jobs: Microsoft is 'mostly irrelevant'

Jobs thought Microsoft wouldn't change as long as Ballmer was in charge.

In the battle for the living room, the ghost of Steve Jobs looms large

Jobs told his biographer, "Apple TV will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.”


Apple's Steve Jobs has passed away

Apple co-founder and Chairman Steve Jobs died, Apple said. He was 56.

Tim Cook's email to employees

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the world has lost an amazing human being in Steve Jobs.

Jobs family statement: He died peacefully

The Jobs family said that Steve Jobs died peacefully and thanked the many for their support.

The final days of Steve Jobs

Here's how the Apple co-founder spent his final weeks.

Steve Jobs' big lesson: 'Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish'

Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech at Stanford says a lot about his life and the “great change agent” known as death.

Jobs left plans for next-gen products, report

Steve Jobs laid out plans to enable the popular iOS, iPod and MacBook products to continue “for years.”

One more thing. Remembering Steve Jobs

It’s that truth of human frailty, manifested in someone so focused on perfection in all things, that truly gives me pause.

Did enterprise learn anything from Steve Jobs?

Jobs defined excellence. Can enterprise development follow?

Steve Jobs: Our digital version of Walt Disney

Focus. Entertainment. Delight. Emotional attachment. Theatrical.

CBS 60 Minutes: What drove Steve Jobs?

In a rare 2003 interview, Steve Jobs talked about how collaborating on products that have the ability to influence people's experiences.

Credit: Violet Blue

Credit: Violet Blue

The spontaneous San Francisco Apple Store Memorial for Steve Jobs

People shocked by the death of Steve Jobs gathered at the Union Square San Francisco Apple Store. The end of an era was mourned. Gallery

Remembering Steve Jobs in pictures

Gallery: He has left us a legacy of genius, inspiration, and joy.

Woz on Steve Jobs, Macintosh hurt

Video: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak reflects on Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs eventually made me 'Think Different'

I was never a big fan of Steve Jobs. And yet it is a testament to his life that he was even able to make someone like me Think Differently.

Steve Jobs: the anti-technocrat

Steve Jobs put a dent in the enterprise IT universe.

Steve Jobs put the personal in computing

The Apple devoted customer base understands this better than anyone.

Steve Jobs an open source pioneer? You bet

Mac OSX is based on Darwin, an open source OS made available by Apple in 2000.

Steve Jobs, the anti-Davos, Davos man

Steve Jobs didn't need to seek to expand his personal influence. He let his products do the talking instead.

Jobs' legacy: Inspiring the iGeneration

A Generation Y tribute to Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple

Steve Jobs made technology adoption worth it for everyone

Thank you Steve for showing us that technology and innovation can be such an integral and seamless part of our lives.

Steve Jobs' most revolutionary Apple products

Gallery: Here's a look at the most game-changing products that Steve Jobs and Apple.

The legacy of Steve Jobs

Gallery: Whether you loved or hated Steve Jobs, his affect on people was profound.

Steve Jobs' service oriented architecture

Steve Jobs captured the essence of the SOA vision that many have been pursuing for more than a decade.

Will Jobs' vision continue to motivate Apple?

It's too early to evaluate Steve Jobs' legacy at Apple but questions are starting to be asked and they will get louder as the years go on.

The summer Steve Jobs saved the Mac

In summer 1997 Steve Jobs played the key role in shaping the Mac and Apple’s history and perhaps the course of technology innovation.

Where were you when you found out?

Steve Jobs was more than just an executive, but an icon in both technology and American history.

How will Wall Street calculate the loss of Steve Jobs?

The loss of Steve Jobs is a blow to Apple, the world’s second most valuable corporation. How will stock markets measure that loss?

Video: A Steve Jobs retrospective

A journey through the ups and downs of a career that changed both the tech industry and our culture at large.

Steve Jobs at Apple (photos)

We take a look back at some of the big moments in his tenure at the iconic electronics company he co-founded.

Steve Jobs: In his own words (video)

Watch key moments from Steve Jobs’ speeches since he returned to Apple in 1997.

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Pondering Apple in a post-Steve Jobs world...again

With Apple's transition plan finally executed, what comes next for the world's most envied technology company?

Without Jobs as CEO, five reasons Apple won't be the same

Lots of people are talking about why Apple will continue its momentum even without Steve Jobs as CEO. Here's the counterpoint.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: A look at his biggest hurdles ahead

Apple CEO Tim Cook has a bevy of challenges ahead with brain drain and the pressure to find new product hits being top of the list.

Steve Jobs leaves Apple... where's the next generation of Silicon Valley leaders?

Steve Jobs is part of a generation of Silicon Valley leaders that helped change the world. Where is the next generation of leaders? There's very few contenders.

Apple's New Leadership And The Enterprise PC Market

Recent shakeups at Apple and HP have Clarence Villanueva wondering what's in store for the enterprise PC market.

The Steve Jobs impact on the mobile space

The vision of Steve Jobs is evident in the number of game-changing products Apple has produced over the years.

Steve Jobs: The NeXT Years

Today’s Apple and Mac OS X were formed by Jobs’ years at NeXT.

When does Apple's Tim Cook era really begin?

New Apple CEO Tim Cook may be underestimated at first, but analysts say his imprint on the company's roadmap will start appearing in the years to come.

Apple's Steve Jobs: In his own words

Watch key moments from Steve Jobs' speeches since he returned to Apple in 1997.

Analysts react to Steve Jobs resignation: Apple move expected, Cook a star, buy

Wall Street is comfortable with new Apple CEO Tim Cook.

With Jobs gone as CEO, Apple's management bench enters the spotlight

If Apple is to keep leading the technology industry it will need strong performances from its management bench. Here's the cast.

Steve Jobs: Thinking through his CEO legacy

What were Steve Jobs' crowning moments as Apple CEO? The iPod? The iPad? The iPhone? The Mac?

Jobs' departure won't diminish Apple's brand

As Steve Jobs steps down as CEO of Apple, Inc., the immediate assumption would be that this will ruin Apple's image and brand. That assumption would be wrong.

Thank you, Steve. For all you've done, for all of us.

As we move on to an era without Steve at the helm, we wish him a long, enjoyable, joy-filled life.

Steve Jobs resigns: Now Apple's succession plan to be put to test

Apple CEO Steve Jobs resigned amid ongoing health issues. Now the company's succession plan will be tested.

Steve Jobs: A look at his three CEO acts (video)

CNET looks at Steve Jobs and his roles at Apple, Next and Pixar.

Steve Jobs at Apple: A retrospective

As Steve Jobs steps down from his role as CEO at Apple, we take a look back at some of the big moments in his tenure at the iconic electronics.

Steve Jobs: Apple's greatest legacy or its biggest obstacle?

Does creating and maintaining a truly successful company like Apple demand a heartless and arrogant leader?

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