Steve Jobs house plans; more HGTV than Cribs

Architecture buffs will take particular interest in plans that Gizmodo posted of the new Jobs compound planned to replace the 14 bedroom, 13 bathroom mansion from the 1920s that the Apple CEO purchased in 1984.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Architecture buffs will take particular interest in plans that Gizmodo posted of the new Jobs compound planned to replace the 14 bedroom, 13 bathroom mansion from the 1920s that the Apple CEO purchased in 1984.

They weren't found on a barstool or anything, Jobs had to submit plans for the site as part of the application and permitting process required by the planning and zoning board in the town of Woodside, California, where the property is located. Those plans are public record and thanks to the Internet, only a few clicks away.

There was a lot of drama about the old mansion you'll remember. Jobs lived in it until 1994 then intermittently rented it out but it's reportely been empty for almost a decade. In 2004 Jobs received a demolition permit for the structure but it was deemed a "historic resource" by local preservationist groups and a legal battle ensued.

Gizmodo reports that Jobs recently finally got his wish after nearly six years of "cost comparisons, environmental impact surveys, court appeals, and unrelenting legal kung fu with state and local preservationists."

Jobs gained approval to build a new 4,910 square foot, $8.45 million single family home on the site -- about one third the size of the Jackling estate it will replace. But the story is how minimal and utilitarian the new house it, especially when you consider the money was no object in its design. Gizmodo referred to the plans as the "ne plus ultra of utilitarian modesty—even when you remove the billionaire standards."

Jobs intends to populate the 6 acres with an assortment of indigenous flora; a simple three-car garage; a modest 5 bedroom home with plenty of windows and decks; a network of lighted stone walkways; and even a private vegetable garden.

There's a follow-up post on Gizmodo about other billionaire tech homes that really illustrates how modest the new Jobs compound really is by comparison.

As for me I'm all about Zen and Feng Shui and everything, but if I had Jobs money, I'd be sporting a pool.

Image: Gizmodo

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