STM Bags Grip clear case: Protect your iPhone 5c while enjoying the color

Many people cover their iPhones with a case and with the clear Grip case for the iPhone 5c you can enjoy your selected iPhone 5c color while offering up some protection.

STM Bags Grip clear case: Protect your iPhone 5c while enjoying the color

I recently took a look at a couple of STM Bags for my iPhone 5s and spent the several days with the new Grip for the iPhone 5c. The clear version lets you enjoy your selected iPhone 5c color while having some protection and added texture to help you hold it in your hand.

I thought the material would have more of a soft touch feel, but the plastic has a rather hard finish. The corners of your iPhone 5c are protected so if you drop it from a low point it has more protection than having a naked iPhone.

The shell wraps around the sides with openings cut out for all the buttons and ports. The plastic protrudes up from the display a bit so you can rest your iPhone down face first on a table and have a bit of a gap between the display and the surface your are resting it on.


The Grip case is very light weight and adds very little thickness to the iPhone. After trying it out for a bit, I asked my 14-year old daughter to give it a try and after a week she told me she prefers carrying the iPhone 5c with the Grip in place.

Many people buy the iPhone 5c for the color selection and while it seems most people put a case on their iPhone, it's nice to add a bit of protection while having a clear case that shows off the iPhone 5c color.


The Grip for the iPhone 5c is available now for $20 from various online retailers. It comes in clear, blue, lime, black, and red.

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