Stow your stuff in this anti-theft backpack for $19

Think like a student and swap your briefcase for a backpack. You won't regret it.
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor

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This stylish carry-on is a steal at $19.


It's a rite of passage: Once you move on from high school or college, you trade your backpack for a briefcase. Because that's what business people use, right?

Not this people. I'm a backpack fan from way back; it's my preferred carry-on for business and personal trips alike.

Of course, I'm not still using a junky old book-bag; I've traded up to something stylish and modern, with a bunch of practical features.

Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Amazon has the Ambor anti-theft backpack in gray for just $18.89 with promo code N4T9AJEY.

The pack is just large enough to accommodate a 17-inch laptop, though based on the dimensions that seems like it would be a tight fit. My advice: Use this with a 15.6-inch lappie or smaller.

It's made of a nice-looking cloth material that just happens to be waterproof. I wouldn't have thought that was a big deal -- until I got caught in a downpour in downtown Chicago, and my previous bag got soaked through. Rain happens.

On the anti-theft front, there's a 3-digit combination lock that can prevent the main-compartment zipper from opening. Would it be hard to force open? No, but I look upon it as a deterrent: Given the choice between a locked and unlocked backpack, which is a thief more likely to grab? And if you're on, say, a crowded subway, it'll definitely prevent someone from quietly opening the pocket from behind.

The pack also has external USB and headphone ports; you supply the power bank and phone/MP3 player on the inside.

Over 600 buyers collectively rated the Ambor 4.2 stars -- and those reviews are mostly legit, according to both Fakespot and ReviewMeta.

I think the main concern here is with longevity: An inexpensive backpack like this may start to wear after a year or two, especially if you carry around a lot of heavy stuff. That said, if you want to see whether a backpack can suit your business-travel lifestyle, call it an extremely affordable test subject.

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