Stratasys taps IBM vet Tim Bohling for CMO

The appointment comes as the company tries to rekindle growth in its 3D printing business.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Stratasys on Thursday named former IBM veteran Tim Bohling as chief marketing officer.

Stratasys says Bohling has experience helping organizations "make and shape markets," which should come in handy for the Israeli tech firm's turnaround efforts as the company tries to rekindle growth in its 3D printing business.

"Tim is a transformational market leader whose experience fits perfectly into our long-term strategy," said Stratasys' chief business officer Joshua Claman. "Tim will play a critical role as we accelerate Stratasys' position as the driving force and dominant player in 3D printing."

Stratasys has been looking to hardware innovations to boost sales and offset a slowdown in demand among 3D printer manufacturers. In April, Stratasys introduced a 3D printer named the J750 that allows enterprises to mix and match colors and materials to create prototypes that come close to production products faster.

Potentially throwing a wrench in Statasys' game plan, however, is printing giant HP's long awaited entrance into the 3D printing space with its new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution. Announced earlier this month, the $130,000 HP Jet Fusion is aimed at 3D print service bureaus.

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