Stratus Technologies acquires Marathon Technologies

There used to be only two choices for continuous processing software for industry standard systems, Stratus Technologies and Marathon Technologies. Now there is only one.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Stratus Technologies, long time supplier of continuous processing software and hardware has acquired its lone competitor, Marathon Technologies. 

Here's what Stratus has to say about this acquisition:

This morning Stratus Technologies announced that they’ve acquired Marathon Technologies, to create the most comprehensive set of products and technologies for ensuring IT availability in the entire industry. Here is a link to the press release with more information, and some additional details are below.

Inside the Acquisition:

  • Stratus is acquiring all of Marathon’s assets and IP, including Marathons’ everRun line.
  • Stratus will benefit from an expanded partner ecosystem, a broader software portfolio, and a larger and more diverse customer base.
  • As a result of the acquisition, Stratus is moving beyond uptime for computing platforms and is providing comprehensive enterprise business continuity through simple to use, cost-effective solutions for application availability and disaster recovery services.

Snapshot analysis

Continuous processing is using redundant software components to create a never-fail environment on a very simple two-server configuration. No clustering manager is required. Nor is a storage area network or storage server required. Potential failures are detected long before they can have an impact and are prevented from being seen. Virtual servers would simply begin execution on the other system if the original host failed. Workloads start up on the second system without the environment having to undergo a time-consuming state transition.

Having continuous processing solutions in place could mean that production systems would never be seen to fail. Updates could be installed and tested prior to deploying them for production without forcing the organization to purchase and install redundant systems, software, networking and storage products. Staff could focus on improving the operational environment rather than dealing with the aftermath of unexpected failures.

Until this announcement the only choices for creating a continuous processing environment on industry standard systems was to use special continuous processing software, such as Avance from Stratus or NeverFail from Marathon, or deploy clustering from the supplier of the operating system, the database or the hypervisor.

Continuous processing software is the least complex and costly approach, but many organizations selected a clustering solution because they simply were unaware of another solution.

Now that Stratus and Marathon have joined forces they need to reach out and educate the market on why their approach is better than simply deploying a clustering solution from Citrix, Microsoft, Oracle or VMware.


Note: Stratus Technologies is a Kusnetzky Group client.

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