Strava launches Summit: Focused membership programs designed for more athletes

The three new membership programs, collectively called Strava Summit, replace the existing Strava Premium service. These programs are designed to better serve the needs of a broader range of athletes.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Image: Strava

While my primary GPS sports watch is now a Garmin 5 Plus, I also subscribe to Strava to share my runs, bike rides, and hikes with others.

As a current Strava Premium customer, I have the ability to set custom goals, use training plans for training, allow my family to track me while out exercising, and dive into all the details with advanced analysis tools. Today, Strava announced that the Premium option would be replaced by Strava Summit.

Strava Summit is a new membership service that will be offered as three packs; Training, Safety, and Analysis. Current Premium service was $59.99/year, which is the same price to purchase all three Summit packs. Individual packs are $23.99/year. You can also subscribe to a single pack for $2.99/month or all three for $7.99/month to try out the service to see if it meets your needs.

The Summit Training Pack is focused on goal setting and metrics with training plans, GPS tracking for smartphones, custom goals, race analysis, filtered leaderboards, and more.

With the Analysis Pack you can visualize pace zones and lap data, assess the impacts of workouts over time, check Live segments to compare your efforts to others, decode power meter data, and help you train consistently.

One reason I started running more often with my phone was for safety. The Safety Pack helps you plan your route, view personal heatmaps, and choose contacts that can follow you real-time in case you get into trouble or want to meet up.

Strava labels itself as the social network for athletes and has more than 32 million users in 195 countries. Strava is focused on helping people stay active and motivated, whether that means training for a 5K or a triathlon. 2.3 billions kudos were given between athletes last year while over 4 million photo are shared per week on Strava.

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