Stunning video of 747 with camera on nose landing gear

Enjoy this video of a 747 taking off and landing with a HD helmet cam affixed to the nose landing gear taking it all in. Pretty cool.
Written by John Dodge, Contributor

Here's a little weekend treat for you - a stunning video of a Boeing 747 flying from Johannesburg to Maputo in Mozambique with a Contour HD Helmet Cam affixed to the nose landing gear. The camera records seven minutes and 31 seconds of Flight JNB MPM's takeoff and landing. A little techno music is thrown into the video for good measure.

Flighblogger speculates the video was shot within the past three weeks because a new Air France A380 that just started flying the Johannesburg route in February can been seen in the background as the 747 taxis for takeoff. Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

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