SugarCRM, SourceFire, Compiere upgrades almost ready to roll

As the month of May closed, a number of top open source application vendors announced beta releases and forthcoming upgrades.These include open source CRM, security and ERP vendors.
Written by Paula Rooney, Contributor

As the month of May closed, a number of top open source application vendors announced beta releases and forthcoming upgrades.

These include open source CRM, security and ERP vendors. 

SugarCRM, of Cupertino, Calif., announced the beta release of version 5.5 of its namesake open source CRM package. The forthcoming upgrade will offer advanced mobile, collaboration and web services. Version 5.5 , which is expected to ship this summer, offers a new mobile studio that allows enhanced customization of SugarCRM for mobile devices and new dynamic teams capabilities that allows end users to easily add individuals or teams to a specific CRM record to allow for better collaboration on solutions. 

The enhanced web services framework in version 5.5 improves performance of and the integration of applications into CRM applications. The upgrade will also feature a REST interface and easier REST services development, which enables complex interactions between the CRM system and e-commerce systems, billing services and social networks, the company said. Version 5.5 will also offer a new themes frameworkand advanced password management.

SourceFire, which oversees development on the Snort open source intrusion detection and prevention engine, announced last week the release candidate of Snort 2.8.5 as well as plans to deliver virtual security appliances and cooperate with Intel on next gen Snort technology, the company announced. SourceFire said Snort 2.8.5, available for preview at http://snort.org/downloads, will offer:

Policy-per-VLAN functionality, so administrators can apply different security policies to distinct traffic sets.

Rate-based attack prevention, for blocking potentially malicious network communications.

 Improved handling of SSH traffic.

Meanwhile,  open source ERP player Compiere launched last week a manufacturing module for its open source ERP solution that can be deployed on permise or in the cloud. Compiere Manufacturing can be customized without programming and will offer advanced cost management and analysis and reporting tools to improve production costs. The Compiere Manufacturing module will be available starting June 15, the Redwood Shores, Calif. company said

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