Sun: we're oh-so hot

Fireball lets off some more flares.
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer

Sun seems to be suffering from PHS, or Paris Hilton Syndrome, in that it regards itself as "oh, so hot..."

Fireball responded to IBM's spate of SOA announcements last week with its own declarations about SOA, as cited in this InfoWorld report. According to the report, "Sun officials hailed their own technology stack. Key to this stack is the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS), which features technology acquired when Sun bought SeeBeyond last year."

Joe Keller, vice president of marketing for SOA and integration platforms at Sun, rapped IBM's SOA announcements as "integration by brand, not in actual technology." Fireball also said it doesn't need all those consultants that IBM has to make its stuff run properly.

In the interest of equal time, IBM tends to go a bit over the top as well. Perhaps as evidenced by last week's overwhelming crush of announcements, Big Blue has more of the Tom Cruise Syndrome, a sort of long-running "Top Gun" now preaching its brand of SOA-tology, with 90,000 disciples now out there to spread the word.

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