Surface 2 tablets price slash

The entry-level Surface 2 is now $349, making it cheaper than Apple's iPad mini.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor
Surface 2
(Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft has slashed $100 off the price of its Surface 2 tablet lineup, making the Windows RT-powered devices cheaper than ever.

According to Microsoft, the new pricing is good from August 24 to September 27, or "while supplies last," which may either suggest that Microsoft is clearing channels ahead of a new release – which some have rumored might be unveiled at the end of September – or is simply getting ready to discontinue the Windows RT tablet lineup altogether.

Microsoft has three Surface 2 tablets currently on offer, and the with the price cuts they are as follows:

  • Surface 2 32GB wi-fi only: $349
  • Surface 2 64GB wi-fi only: $449
  • Surface 2 64GB LTE only: $579

The price cut takes effect in selected Microsoft retail and online stores in US.

At this price, the entry-level Surface 2 is cheaper that Apple's 16GB iPad mini, which has a $399 price tag.

The Surface 2 runs Windows RT, which means that it can only run Windows Metro apps – no legacy Windows applications – and it features 10.6-inch display and comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office 2013 RT.

The Surface 2 was the follow-on to highly unsuccessful Surface RT, a device that sold so badly that it resulted in Microsoft having to take a $900 million write-off in 2013.

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