Survey: Protecting the enterprise from cyberwarfare threats

Cybersecurity is a key issue, with digital forensics teams arming organizations against the threat of data breaches and network security. Take this survey and get a free copy of the research report.
Written by Teena Maddox, Contributor

Cybersecurity and cyberwar are no longer mere buzzwords. The fear is real for many organizations, as hackers attempt to steal proprietary company and customer information in highly publicized data breaches.

Companies as large as Target and Home Depot have been subject to hackers, with millions of accounts put at risk. Some people think it is at the point where large-scale enterprises need to depend on government agencies to protect their data.

The real question is how are smaller organizations impacted? And what steps are being taken to protect data?

As TechRepublic's Jack Wallen said, "What compounds this issue is that this directly affects both business and consumers. Businesses run the risk of being beholden to loss and consumers stand to lose their hard-earned income. Beyond the business-consumer issues, cyberwarfare and cybersecurity has now escalated to the point where society, as a whole, could just as easily be at risk."

Wallen said, "At one point, security was defined by military might. Countries dumped billions of dollars into defense budgets to ensure the safety of their borders. In these tech-centric times, however, the biggest threat to a nation's security lies in the protection of data and data pipelines."

Tech Pro Research is conducting a short survey to find out how cybersecurity is being handled by organizations, and what type of data breaches are occurring. Take the survey and request a free copy of the resulting research report, authored by Wallen, when it publishes in September.

Share your input on how your company handles the threat of data breaches and network and server security. You can request a free copy of the research report when it publishes as a thank you for your participation.

Take Tech Pro Research's cyberwarefare survey.

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