Survey says: Americans spend 58 minutes a day on their smartphones

Tech nerds might surpass this average by a long shot, but a new survey reveals that Americans spend nearly one hour a day dedicated to their smartphones.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Have you ever been embarrassed to admit to others (or even yourself) how much time you spend each day on your smartphone?

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Based on a new survey, maybe it's not all that bad -- depending how much of a tech nerd you are or not.

Experian Marketing Services published a new report on Tuesday positing that the average American spends approximately 58 minutes per day with his or her eyes glued to their smartphones.

Amazingly, it appears most people still use their phones for making actual phone calls for the majority of the time.

According to the survey results, smartphone owners spend 26 percent of the time on their phones talking with another 20 percent devoted to texting.

Social media follows up at 16 percent while mobile web browsing accounts for 14 percent of time spent.

As one might have guessed, the mobile operating system is also a major factor that needs to be taken into account when measuring time spent each day as well as the most popular activities.

Experian researchers found that iPhone users spend more time on their smartphones at an average of one hour and 15 minutes total each day -- a full 26 minutes ahead of Android users at 49 minutes typically.

Android users are also more inclined to spend time gabbing on the phone with 28 percent of that time frame while iPhone owners are evenly split on talking and texting at 22 percent each. It's possible that iMessage has something to do with that, although it is not examined in the study.

More findings, including speculation about why streaming video on smartphones hasn't taken off yet, is available on Experian's blog now.

Chart via Experian Marketing Services

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