Swisscom boosts 4G speeds to 150Mbps

The Swiss incumbent is planning to increase the download speeds of its LTE network by 50 percent.
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Swisscom is to raise the top speed of its LTE network to 150Mbps.

The move is a 50 percent speed boost for the Swiss incumbent's customers: previously its LTE download speeds topped out at 100Mbps.

"The speed increase is possible thanks to a software upgrade and an optimised use of frequencies. There are no additional base stations for the speed increase, however Swisscom is continuously expanding its network anyways to improve both coverage and performance," a Swisscom spokesperson said.

Swisscom, which accounts for over 60 percent of the Swiss mobile market, will begin increasing speeds from next month in "high-traffic locations". Its 4G network currently covers 50 percent of Switzerland's population in 170 towns and cities, and will reach 70 percent by the year's end.

Customers wanting the 150Mbps download speeds will need to sign up to a NATEL infinity XL subscription, Swisscom said on Thursday.

The company has also announced plans to extend 4G to pre-pay customers: from July, users with an LTE-compatible phone will automatically get 4G connectivity.

Swisscom is currently the only Swiss mobile operator to have a commerical LTE network. Rival operator Orange, which has around 17 percent of the market, plans to launch its own 4G network in June of this year in 10 cities in the country. Second-placed carrier Sunrise, with 21 per cent of the market, has been piloting LTE with users since earlier this year, and is expected to launch a commercial network in the coming months.

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