Symantec announces global backup applications

Symantec has announced a new global backup service in an attempt to streamline and cut expenditure required for multiple solutions.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Symantec Corp. has announced the release of NetBackup 7.5 and Backup Exec 2012 worldwide to help businesses securely backup vital information.

In a bid to assist businesses in modernising often outdated, vulnerable and costly backup strategies, Symantec NetBackup 7.5 and Backup Exec 2012 are two cloud-based solutions that intend to modernise resource-intensive multiple solutions to be combined through a simplified platform, and may help businesses to eliminate some of the cost of traditional solutions.

The company says that NetBackup 7.5 offers a service which is 100 times faster than most traditional approaches -- which in turn means that making full backups of data, perhaps not feasible at slower speeds, can be achieved.

Backup Exec 2012 now comes equipped with a redesigned interface and reduced complexity for business users. The disaster recovery console is also VMware Ready Data Protection certified for vSphere 5.0, and supports the latest features available in vSphere 5.0 -- including the hardware version 8 format for virtual machines, datastore clusters, and Storage vMotion.

In addition, Symantec announced an agreement with NetApp to resell the new NetBackup Replication Director option, so the unification of Snapshot and replication management within NetBackup is possible, making the cloud-based solution more attractive to businesses coping with the cost of running multiple backup and recovery tools.

A recent Symantec survey of 1,400 IT professionals across the globe highlighted the need for such enterprise solutions in a data-saturated corporate environment, which is further complicated by the additional threats of cyberattacks.

28 percent stated that they have too many backup tools, and 72 percent indicated their willingness to switch backup products if standard speeds were increased. Furthermore, the survey suggested a general lack of confidence in current backup and recovery consoles available.

In addition to rapid speed, companies can also take advantage of more efficient organisation and management of their data. Through the suite's applications, businesses can more easily identify data they must keep for compliance and regulatory legislation, remove duplicate data and streamline daily backups.

These kinds of solutions will become increasingly important as corporations continue to experience a worldwide data explosion, and in terms of cybersecurity can at least provide peace of mind if digital breaches take place.

Image credit: Symantec


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