Symantec gets into cloud file sharing with Norton Zone

Symantec is trying to differentiate its file sharing service from other cloud storage lockers with more impressive security specs.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

The cloud storage market has been a hot space throughout 2012, and basically major tech company is trying to find a way in.

Given that anything cloud-based and high-end security should really go hand-in-hand, it makes perfect sense that Symantec is pitching its own angle.

Symantec has unveiled Norton Zone, a cloud-based file sharing service that is touted to enable users to safely access, sync and share photos, videos and documents from virtually any of their computers (PC or Mac) as well as Android and iOS devices.

Accessibility from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection on the most popular computing and mobile devices are the basic requirements for any cloud storage service these days. So all of the talk about real-time updates and seamless photo sharing on Facebook are essentially par for the course.

Thus, Symantec is doing what it should by resting on its strong suits and aiming to differentiate itself with more outstanding security specs.

For example, Symantec said that Norton Zone comes with "high-level, industrial-grade encryption," which should protect all files during transfer and while stored in secure data centers.

Furthermore, Symantec added that all data stored within Norton Zone is automatically backed up and replicated in a secured cloud, providing additional protection for important files -- even in the case of natural disasters.

Norton Zone is now available as a public and free beta version for consumers in U.S. English only. A fully-featured edition is expected to follow next year.

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