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Singapore, 30 May 2000 - Symix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SYMX) has announced a new product within its eSyte suiteof eBusiness solutions for midmarket manufacturers and distributors.
Written by Joe Rebeiro, Contributor
Singapore, 30 May 2000 - Symix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SYMX) has announced a new product within its eSyte suite of eBusiness solutions for midmarket manufacturers and distributors.

eSyte Supply Chain synchronises Web-based buying and selling with traditional back-end operations and execution systems to ensure that order and delivery commitments made online are met as promised.

The application will enable midmarket companies to synchronise supply chain activities and trading partners, and dynamically promise, source,plan and execute to meet increasing customer expectations. eSyte Supply Chain is based upon midmarket-leading business-to-business products from Frontstep, Inc., Symix' independent eBusiness subsidiary.

eSyte Supply Chain was created specifically for the midmarket, supporting operational agility and delivering rapid time-to-benefit. Its unique "decentralised" approach to supply chain planning provides each manufacturing and distribution site within the supply chain the flexibility to quickly adjust to dynamic order conditions, while communicating eBusiness-critical data across the supply chain in real time.

This data can be communicated back to a company's own enterprise system(s), externally to customers or channel partners via the Web, and to trading partners via independent trading exchange environments. eSyte Supply Chain leverages Microsoft technology, including Windows 2000, and uses XML within the BizTalk Framework for standardised data exchange.

"To meet their customers' expectations, companies must build a collaboration network among all supply chain trading partners," said Daryll Wartluft, Symix Vice President and General Manager. "Symix' eSyte Supply Chain automates these supply chain processes, regardless of the company's back-end system or systems, or the back-end systems of its supply chain partners.

By pulling these sites, partners and systems together, our customers can provide a critical value-add to their customers - real-time promise dates followed by reliable delivery. This capability is critical within online trading communities. The company that can deliver as committed will quickly stand out among its competitors within the trading exchange."

Using eSyte Supply Chain, Symix customers will be able to instantly provide an order promise date as their customers and/or channel partners place orders online. eSyte Supply Chain will deliver this promise date by using dynamic messaging to assess resources and capacity across manufacturing and distribution sites, regardless of the back-end ERP system(s).

""The ability to respond in real time is no doubt of utmost importance to any organisation in this fast-paced technology environment. Symix aims to help them make their promise in the Internet world and carry it through, or keep it, in the physical world. We think this is the real underlying problem that is faced by the midmarket."

- Barrie Williams
Vice President Asia Pacific
Symix Systems, Inc.

Changes to promise dates can be quickly evaluated to determine the impact on supply chain partners and most importantly, the customer. eSyte Supply Chain will drive sourcing and order fulfillment process optimisation, and also will enable the evaluation of capacity and material constraints.

eSyte Supply Chain is now available, initially delivering the ability to provide real-time promise dates for single - or multi-site environments. In June, eSyte Supply Chain will add the ability to synchronise plans across sites and analyse constraints and "what-if" scenarios, along with supply chain collaboration driven by eSyte Messaging.

The application will work in conjunction with the other eSyte products, including eSyte Messaging, eSyte Customer Center, eSyte Procurement Centre and eSyte Channel Centre. The eSyte suite works with Symix' enterprise management suites for midmarket manufacturers and distributors, as well as with other back-end enterprise systems.

About Symix

Symix Systems, Inc. and its subsidiaries develop and market software and services that enable companies worldwide to quickly identify and deploy eBusiness opportunities, and build the supporting business and technology infrastructure. Symix' comprehensive suite of products include the eSyte suite of eBusiness applications and deployment services, and the SyteLine, SyteCentre and SyteDistribution ERP and supply chain application suites.

Through its eBusiness subsidiary, Frontstep, Inc., Symix is helping its customers take their talents and services to the Internet, today's "digital marketplace." Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Symix has helped over 3,900 customers build their business systems and better serve their customers. Symix markets its products through sales and service offices worldwide, as well as through independent business partners.

The Symix Asia Pacific office is based in Singapore with responsibilities over North Asia, South Asia and the Pacific. Today the Asia Pacific team provides the sales and support to approximately 650 customers in the region. Symix company and product information is available at http://www.symix.com.

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