Sync photos, video, files, folders, and tunes with your Mac and Windows Mobile 5 device

Mark/Space released a major update to The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile that provides syncing functionality above and beyond what ActiveSync provides for users on a Windows PC. The Missing Sync is a native Universal application that provides USB and Bluetooth syncing for WM 5 devices. This latest release almost makes having to boot into Windows to sync a useless function.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Missing Sync version 3

I talked a bit about my experiences with The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 5.0 version 2.5 four months ago and as you can see in the screenshot back then there were only a select few conduits available. I checked out The Missing Sync for PSP and wanted some of the more advanced syncing features on my mobile device and Mark/Space answered that with their just released The Missing Sync version 3.0. Version 3.0 adds the ability to synchronization the Address Book, Notes using the Mark/Space Notebook application or even Entourage 2004, files and folders you specify on your Mac, iPhoto albums, and Safari bookmarks. Photos and videos taken with your Windows Mobile device can be imported to any folder on your Mac or iPhoto album and this addresses a major function I was looking for so I no longer have to remove my storage cards and transfer the photos using a card reader. iTunes is one of the simplest and best supported ways to browse, subscribe, and download podcasts and now you can sync your podcast iTunes playlist to your Windows Mobile device and take your favorite podcasts on the road. Version 2.x owners can upgrade to version 3.x for US$19.95 and if you purchased after 1 October the upgrade is free. New buyers can pick up The Missing Sync 3.0 for US$39.95. I purchased the upgrade and so far the application is performing like a champ and helping make the requirement to boot Windows in Parallels to sync my devices.

While I never had too many major problems with ActiveSync, you have to complement Mark/Space on creating a sync application that is more powerful than the standard ActiveSync application. File and folder synchronization is something people have been looking for 3rd party developers to create. Along that line of thought, Ed Hardy at Brighthand posted a desire for this functionality on his site and just posted news that a developer has a solution under development called ACiD Sync that is in a beta testing phase. 


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